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RE: It's Already Happening Right Here On Steemit! The Future Is Here! POCKET TOKENS!

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If you leave them on your part of the blockchain here, for now you can check by using the confirmation bots.
basically you send yourself 1 pocket token (via a pocketsend in a comment) and teh bot consumes the 1 token for its service when it replies to you.

I'll do one below just as an example.

The other way is to open up a Bitshares account, what the exact costs involved are, IDK, then you can go to your Bitshares wallet and see them there.


pocketsend:[email protected], LETS SEE WHAT THE POCKET BOT SAYS!

Successful Send of 1
Sending Account: jackmiller
Receiving Account: gimh
New sending account balance: 968807
New receiving account balance: 500
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 9facf33a8e913893931dfe2b0964beb8cb5d7704
Thanks for using POCKET! MasterPocket is running this confirmer code.

Thanks for the heads up, this is wonderful and nice. Is there any ways that this pocket token can be acquired? Thanks

You can buy them directly from fellow Steemians who own them, so far on @classifieds we have been posting "for sale ads".

or if you have a Bitshares account you can buy them there. (as you would on any other trading platform out there.)

Thanks for the info, i will look into this strictly and get some. Kudos

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