1k Pocket Free lottery giveaway!!!

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Last sleepless night before Irma i thought of PocketBook. Well, with what appears to be another sleepless night i have another lightbulb moment. Maybe i should name my blog sleepless in Florida.....
So here it is folks!! Presented by PocketBook!!
Your first and only Pocket lottery!!
Pocket Book.png
How to play:
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Pick a number between 0 and 21
Thats it.
Drawing will be on Friday 9-17-17. At 8pm eastern. 2 days. Follow for more awesome giveaways!!
I will use a random number generator to pick the winning number. Multiple winners split the pot. Free and easy. Dont have any pocket tokens? Pick a number and try your luck.
What u got to lose?

Find other ways to claim, earn, win, buy, sell, and or gamble your pocket tokens here. Curation of the best pocket posts. https://steemit.com/pocket/@jnjmarketing/i-missed-the-free-pocket-deadline-where-can-i-get-them-now

PocketBook - 24/7 / 365 sports betting service.
Only on steemit and only with Pocket Tokens!
What's in your pocket?

For more on PocketBook go here.


Something tells me 11 is your lucky number. Hmmm.....🤔 lol
Good luck and thanks for playing!!

It was my jersey number. Its always been lucky enough for me.

I just noticed in my sleepless slumper i mis quoted the date of drawing. It is this FRIDAY, tomorrow at 8pm eastern. However tomorrow is not the 17th. Lol. It is the 15th. Sorry for the screwup!!! And good luck everyone!!
New Special edition lotto just posted. Check it out. Time to Celebrate!!

Nice to meet you, @holl.boll
Wow, this is somehow a dream come true after all these years envisioning it coming to our everyday world.

Thanks a lot for sharing, great job as always,

Thanks @holl.boll pick a number. If you want to let others have a chance then just give them away in another fashion. Spin the wheel!! Haha

Ahh why not, I'll have a go :)

Let's try... Unlucky Number 13

And look at that... 13 minutes ago....

A lot of money....

One day hopefully....