or you can go to:



Every week there is a bulletin board type of post put up where people can put up their selling/buying adds for Pocket Tokens.

So far some 2 million Pocket Tokens have exchanged hands via these posts.

That might be your best bet.

@buggedout is also selling his Pocket Tokens in lots of 100,000 and he is open to negotiations as he has sold many to date and is a proven reliable seller.

Likewise you can go do the Bitshares thing, but I can't say too much about that as I am not on there. Better to check that out by clicking on the # pocket in the tags under this post, that way you will see all the posts with # pocket in the tags.

I have them up for sale at 5SBD per 100,000 Pocket Tokens.

If you are interested, just transfer the SBD, to my account with a note "FOR: the number of Poket Tokens"

& I shall in this comment thread here do the Pocket Send (Transfer) of Pocket Tokens.

Simple as that.