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RE: The Future of Pocket

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I'd say we're better off leaving Pockets as the only internal currency which can be spent only with a posting key, but that can still be true.
Vaulting would just give us the option to protect them.
(Particularly since posting keys are often supplied to autovoters and other such services).
On an unrelated note, those silver coins we discussed have all been delivered and I'd like to look at claiming/tracking them on chain.
For privacy reasons, it'd be best to keep the mint entirely out of the process, and have those who want to claim their coins post photos of their certificates of authenticity. This would only be required once per coin.
If you could build the tool, and assign all 1500 to me, I can do the legwork of sending them on to those who claim them (I very much doubt there's been any theft yet, particularly not of the certificates).
I could see it attracting attention from the broader crypto community, as a test of the coloured coins concept, to the benefit of the steem ecosystem.
I originally suggested having them exist in different states, but it might be simpler to just treat them all as simply owned.
If you're willing/able to build such a tool, I'm happy to delegate 5000SP to either yourself, or any other steemian of your choosing for a month, by way of payment for your time.


Agree with your top point.

I might be interested in the project with the coins. It sounds simple enough! I am absolutely swamped right now but my workload may drop a little in a couple weeks. Is the project time-critical? Or can it afford to wait a little?

No. It can wait a while. Coins have been distributed to buyers and maybe 5% have been on-sold once.
We should be fine until the end of the year.

Cool. Ping me in maybe 2 weeks and we can chat about what exactly you want the tracking system to do.

In the mean time, you might check and see if a UIA on Bitshares could accomplish what you're looking for.