Weekly Pocket usage report! Week: 2017-10-16 to 2017-10-22.

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Weekly report: 2017-10-16 to 2017-10-22

I am a small confirming bot and this is the second weekly report of a usage of Pocket tokens. You can acces first weekly report here.

I need some feedback!

Please write in comments if you have any ideas about what other statistics should be included in next reports. If you can see some inaccuracy or mistakes (also in my English) please comment about it too.

How data for statistics are collected

Father of Pocket token @biophil is currently working on some code that will make collecting pocket statistics easier and more straightforward. Before this features will be available I have to parse confirming logs to gather data for statistics. But confirming code seems stable and is getting even better and better, so those data should be quite accurate.

Table of content

This report includes:

  1. General statistics.
  2. Top active users statistics.
  3. Confirmation bots statistics.
  4. Gates and exchanges statistcs.
  5. Top millionaires statistics

As for gates / exchanges statistcs I am starting with some @pocketexchange stats. But be aware that if there will show up some other pockets gate / exchange users, it will be only matter of my code's configuration to add stats for them as well.


General statistics 
Number of all transfers this week:103
Sum of all transfers amounts this week:10,563,090
Average transfer amount this week:102,554
Number of users that sent pockets this week:26

Number of transfers

Average amounts

Hourly transfers distribution

Top active users stats

Top 5 active users (by number of transfers)
 UserTransfers% of all transfers

Top active users by transfers

Top 5 active users (by sum of amounts)
 UserSum of amounts% of sum of all amounts

Top active users by amounts

Confirmation bots statistics

 Confirming botNumber of confirmations% of confirmations

Confirming bots confirmations

Gates and exchanges stats

Statistics for @pocketexchange gate / exchange

@pocketexchange general statistics 
Number of all transfers this week:20
Number of incoming transfers this week:10
Number of outgoing transfers this week:10
Sum of all transfers amounts this week:7,273,092
Sum of incoming transfers amounts this week:5,576,496
Sum of outgoing transfers amounts this week:1,696,596

Pocketexchange number of transfers

Pocketexchange sum of amounts of transfers

Top 50 Pocket millionaires

Scroll right to see more milioners:

01.   pocketexchange : 38,801,359  |  11.           cmp2020 : 2,001,000  |  21.       kenny-crane : 1,399,997  |  31.      kaykunoichi : 1,031,336  |  41.        greer184 : 1,005,500  |  
02.       musclenerd : 4,999,993   |  12.         jeffjagoe : 2,000,562  |  22.     virtualgrowth : 1,350,578  |  32.       christ2169 : 1,022,505  |  42.   beyond-common : 1,005,274  |  
03.           mrstaf : 3,899,867   |  13.           pkvlogs : 1,999,999  |  23.        barcalogia : 1,241,405  |  33.         doushoum : 1,020,750  |  43.          roxane : 1,005,255  |  
04.           flauwy : 3,000,998   |  14.   troyvandeventer : 1,999,999  |  24.   ibringawareness : 1,200,745  |  34.        tokenbank : 1,020,146  |  44.       hanzkiboy : 1,003,250  |  
05.          vedvati : 2,999,998   |  15.            zorg67 : 1,999,978  |  25.        mattclarke : 1,200,046  |  35.          bbrewer : 1,011,406  |  45.      coolthings : 1,003,007  |  
06.      justinashby : 2,999,998   |  16.            wekkel : 1,994,445  |  26.   pattaya-booking : 1,199,998  |  36.    rojassartorio : 1,010,000  |  46.         svamiva : 1,002,999  |  
07.      cloudspyder : 2,999,184   |  17.   chefcryptoshark : 1,923,877  |  27.    captainobviou3 : 1,096,898  |  37.          yoshiko : 1,009,999  |  47.      ragepeanut : 1,002,599  |  
08.    paul.atreides : 2,590,329   |  18.        ozymandias : 1,900,001  |  28.      philipnbrown : 1,084,972  |  38.   incrediblesnow : 1,009,999  |  48.         hamidou : 1,002,019  |  
09.     zwergmonster : 2,499,999   |  19.             helex : 1,749,996  |  29.           maarnio : 1,055,000  |  39.      sportschain : 1,009,999  |  49.       hendrix22 : 1,002,000  |  
10.         siamhome : 2,199,994   |  20.       thatdamiguy : 1,586,103  |  30.       digitalking : 1,037,962  |  40.         sigmajin : 1,007,890  |  50.          andy23 : 1,001,998  |  

Good day! I was just wondering how long will @pocketexchange process the pocketsend to our bitshares wallet? I've been waiting for hours since i sent my tokens to @pocketexchange. Thanks in advance!

I am sorry but I can't help you with that. This is question for @pocketexchange (or @virtualgrowth as he is one that operates @pocketexchange). Most probably he is trying to spend some time off the keyboard (we all are trying to have some RL right? ;-) ). Also, there is no block explorer for Pockets yet so there is a little chance that he misses some transfer for time to time. Try to leave him some message and wait :-).

I am thinking how to help him with transfers accounting, but had not time to do anything yet.

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The pocket token is also trading on Bitshares thanks to @pocketexchange.

Maybe there are some stats that could be lifted from that market?

Keep up the great work! This is a valuable pocket resource. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for adding @pocketexchange stats too. Anyone is welcome to let me know if I miss any transfers between bitshares and steem as we don't have a pocket block explorer. Or maybe if there was a @pocketexchange request trade report and trade fulfilled report to keep me and @pocketexchange audited and in check. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

I will think about some kind of detailed report for @pocketexchange operations. Regards.

Maybe you could compare the current weeks data to previous data. We could see trends and see the development (increase in usage for example).

I had the same idea, but I was guessing that data and diagrams could be little unclear after that. But I will think about it, maybe it is worth to try.

Some comments about pocket usage growth. The data collected for first report show up that both, number of transfers and transfers amounts rose about 50% week to week. This report shows up 40% drop on transfers and almost 4 times rise on amounts. But be aware that those data was disturbed by @biophil tests of new confirming code features (which required a lot of empty transfers). So in reality it looks like we had decent growth in first week and really small drop in second in terms of number of transactions and even bigger growth in transfers amount in both weeks.

It would be great to see a section on how pocket tokens are being used. Who is trading, why or even more about the development of future uses.

I personally would prefer to include only statistics in reports for two reasons. Firstly the report grew long enough (and still have some potential to grow even more) and secondly I prefer to separate statistical data and their interpretations. So of course it would be very interesting but on the other hand anyone can contribute with his own interpretations and opinions ether in comments or in totally separate post.

But still if there will be more voices that support your idea, I can always think it over again. :-)

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