How do I fill my pockets with Pocket tokens?

in #pocket3 years ago

Just discovered Pockets on Steemit after I received a few in my comments. (Shows how much attention I pay)

This has got me wondering what else is possible with a sub-chain like this that allows you to create a new currency. Mind Blown!


I'm not a developer but I think I've got a grasp of how it works... A digital asset is transmitted inside the main blockchain and effectively tracked by the sub-chain software. This is a clever idea that can further monetize Steemit with sub-currencies.

Imagine if every action on Steemit had a token reward attached to it that could be exchanged for SBD. Every post, Every Comment, every search, every profile update even every time you visited the site. I think these would need to be implemented by Steemit rather than externally but even so, the potential is interesting. It just goes to show that Steemit could continue to evolve with limitless possibilities.

Since learning about these sub-chains, I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if every uploaded image was monetized by the amount of token rewards it received. I wonder if this is possible without having to manually submit every image?


Ooh! A fabulous reminder of something I keep meaning to research...Thankyou :D

There is a contest I enter quite often form @improv that has a pocket reward and I always mean to learn exactly what this means...I have given it a glance a few times but I am not the sharpest tool in the tech-shed.

If you are active on Discord @richreeve or if you ever make an account (It is truly amazing for those who are community minded) Please send me a direct message, as one of my first friends ever made on Steemit I would love to chat more and am part of some initiatives that I am certain you would find interesting and exciting :D