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RE: MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER CONTEST: distributing the post's SBD rewards (10 SBD minimum) & more than 100,000 in POCKET tokens!

in #pocket4 years ago

1 - CHI (w)
2 - NER (L)
3 - NYRB (L)
4 - ORL (L)
5 - TFC (W)
6 - COL (L)
7 - SKC (W)
8 - LAG (L)
9 - SEA (W)
10 - VAN (W)
11 - POR (W)

tie: Benny Feilhaber


I've just realized you copy-pasted @digitalking's answer. I'm sorry to say your entry has been disqualified for this contest. I won't accept any other participation coming from you for this week's contest. I will allow you trying your luck again in future MLS contests but if I see you repeating this behavior I will downvote your answer and you will be forever banned from participating​.

You forgot to upvote the post. ;-)