pocketsend:[email protected],

It is still on. Will stay available at least until this post's payout.

Successful Send of 1
Sending Account: heroic15397
Receiving Account: sames
New sending account balance: 697296
New receiving account balance: 410756
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: df2a921b729e019ef646e76eb89f1b4a61265a84
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and right now I am running this code.

Successful Send of 10000
Sending Account: sames
Receiving Account: heroic15397
New sending account balance: 400756
New receiving account balance: 707295
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: d620b4078c93219f0cb65eb22b629215b47ce0d0
Thanks for using POCKET! I am a confirmer bot for fun, view my source confirmer code here.

Thanks for the POCKET, I just gave you a 100% upvote.