pocketsend:[email protected],

@xyzashu I just read your post and lover it, upvoted it, re-steemed it, and now I'm going to up-pocket it with the help of @heroic15397 and @biophil

I am the Creator of this shirt:

Just checked up your etsy shop. You have quite a variety of shirts there carrying a beautiful message of compassion. Your efforts are commendable. Keep it up bro!

Successful Send of 10000
Sending Account: aaronsuncamacho
Receiving Account: heroic15397
New sending account balance: 990000
New receiving account balance: 707199
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: bfd2f998876994abdb3fa68ba2d2bee75a71c3d8
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and right now I am running this code.

Thanks a ton @aaronsuncamacho for your generous gesture!

Hello @aaronsuncamacho, the thing is I can't upvote twice the same post and I am a one account operation at the moment so unless I use a bidding bot and try to get an exact $0.10 upvote (which would be a difficult task and would also cost me in SBD) I can't provide a second upvote to this very same @xyzashu's post.

Also, @biophil as nothing to do with the service I offer, he was nothing more than the first customer.

Do you have another post or comment you wish to see upvoted? In the meantime, I'll think about a possible solution for what you asked for but I'm afraid that if you don't have an alternate aim for a upvote, that I'll have to give you back your POCKET.

@heroic15397 Now I know, thanks!

I do not have a post at the moment, if you can return the pocket I may use your service in the future.

Can your service be used on comments too?

I mentioned biophil because he created the pocket project (I believe).

pocketsend:[email protected],

Yes, I will upvote comments too.

And yes, he is the creator of POCKET.

Successful Send of 10000
Sending Account: heroic15397
Receiving Account: aaronsuncamacho
New sending account balance: 697199
New receiving account balance: 999999
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 7306d6b7210ee84dd4ce9a7c11c86a319f02382e
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and right now I am running this code.

Successful Send of 10000
Sending Account: xyzashu
Receiving Account: heroic15397
New sending account balance: 990001
New receiving account balance: 697200
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 418c0c53fb4de3f3fe4bc15b05d462305fead719
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and right now I am running this code.

Here you go, I just upvoted the post at 100% and it went from $8.55 to $8.65. Thanks for the POCKET!

Thanks for this! Very innovative and great service from you.
Wish you all the best for your project!

Thank you! One other thing to consider is that you got a upvote from a higher reputation account​. I use a lot of bidding bots myself, this REP aspect count in my evaluation of what they provide, and none have a higher REP than 60 as far as I know. Except maybe for @minnowbooster which is another kind of upvoting service all by itself.

Well, good to know that you have got a higher rep. But it's the amount of your SP & vote % which has a positive impact on my rep during upvoting. Higher rep only helps during downvoting.

BTW you missed the most popular randowhale service with a rep higher than 65 😊

I see that @aaronsuncamacho too has obliged me with your 100% upvote on the same post I had requested you to upvote. How I wish if it were possible for you to give a 200% upvote 😊. You sure need more SP now.

Very interesting, I didn't know that. Where did you learn this, is there a post or a formula in order to understand what is behind the reputation's growth?

I just checked all the upvoting services that I'm aware of and @buildawhale is now with 60.4 of REP. As for @randowhale, I too thought that I was being voted by a 65 of reputation, but the last time I checked it is @randowhale0 at 44.7 of reputation who is doing the upvoting.

Yes, I just answered @aaronsuncamacho and have no idea how I could accommodate​ is demand.

Well, not sure perhaps there is a code for this on github which you can check (I don't have that link ready at the moment) and I ain't a techie to figure out all from it but it's also what my experience tells me as I closely monitor my rep score. And perhaps you already know the formula to calculate the rep score is:

(You can note the impact on your rep score when an account of rep over 70 but a small SP votes you with 100% upvote compared to an account with 25 rep but a huge whale (SP) upvoting you with only 20% or even lesser and see the difference for yourself).

You're right that randowhale0 is at rep 44.7 but it has almost the same SP as randowhale and both has almot equal impact on rep score upon receiving their upvote. It's a random vote which can be done from any of these account depending upon the VP and request queue to the whale a/c.

Thx for the interesting answer. This conversation has just made me realized I need to spend a bit more time to completely wrap my head around the concept of how exactly a reputation is affected and also how the curation reward system really works.

Thanks to you and to this post by @arcange, I should have a much clearer idea on the topic. :-)