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Curious, why use root posts for this? Won't it clog up the Steemit / Busy / ChainBB interfaces with junk data? If there's a way to post using a tag which will be hidden from these sites? I thought there was a dev or test tag, but I can't seem to find info on that.

I'd resteem because I think it's an interesting idea, but I'm currently hesitant due to the potential for what looks like spam on people's blogs.

I was told there's a custom_json option which may make more sense than using root posts. Even transfers of 0.001 with memo commands make more sense to me (much like other bots use now).


The goal was to create a system that was 100% accessible via existing interfaces, and I picked resteem as the claim method instead of voting because I wanted to be crystal clear that I'm not buying votes. Also resteem has the potential to create a huge amount of publicity.

Custom_json would be great but it would require a new interface.

Ah, yes. The existing interface is key. I think that's why transfers make the most sense, but they do require logging in with the active key, which is not that user-friendly. Still though, filling up blogs with transfer messages seems a bit odd to me.

I do like the thinking behind the resteem over the "buying votes" perspective. Good thinking there. I'm just concerned about promoting a project which could lead to a bunch of spam-like content. Kinda torn here. I do really like the idea though.

Still though, filling up blogs with transfer messages seems a bit odd to me.

Me too, and I'm torn there as well. The reason I'm not using transfer memos, other than the active key issue, is that using posts to transfer allows the system to post confirmation messages as replies.

I suppose an alternative to using a new root post for every transfer is to have each person make a single blog post and treat replies to that particular post as transfer instructions. Might work.

Ah, that might be interesting. You could go even further, kind of like a PGP signature has begin and end comments. You could make it a normal post with useful content, explaining what POCTEST is, etc, etc and then in the body, search for your specific BEGIN and END tags and get the code you want out of that. Could be something like:

(commands here)

That way it's not a spammy blog post, but a real one. One that also has real functionality in it. Should be simple enough to parse the post looking for the code, as long as it has the right tag, right?

Make it so commands could be inserted into any blog post? That's not a bad idea.

Yeah, as long as the correct control tag is there so you don't have to go parsing every single post. That way everyone gets the best of both worlds. A human-readable explanation of the contract/command/transaction along with whatever else and a real commend to do something.

I really like that because then commands could also be after thoughts, almost like a signature to the post. "Don't mind this, just running some commands for a side chain here."