Sounding my voice - thoughts on podcasting

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Podcasts have been a popular type of media for over 20 years now. Some claim they're replacing radio for many listeners. Listeners who rather choose the content they consume rather than let whoever is sitting in the studio at the time decide for them.

Personally, I've never connected with podcasts and it never caught on with me. I tried, mind you, but I guess that in the past decade my audio processing capabilities have dropped. If I am listening to something, I can't do anything else. Even hanging laundry is hard when I try to really hear what is being discussed. If the conversation or person speaking are not concise or interesting enough, I get bored amazingly fast.

However, the fact that I don't particularly consume podcasts doesn't mean I can't be part in one (or more), right?


This isn't the first time I've considered launching a podcast. The latest, I believe, was @didic and myself plotting to launch a podcast called "Deskflip & Chill". Life got in the way and it didn't quite happen. Today, things look different so I am about to give it a real shot. Or at least half a shot that's really well aimed.

Why podcast now?

First, I have a predefined topic I love and perfect partner I love even more. The topic is Keyforge (my favorite tabletop card game to date) and the partner is non other than my significant other @poet, who also happens to be the Grand Champion of Belgium in Keyforge and one of the top bloggers on the topic. Her blog, TimeShapers, is well-known in the Keyforge community. A podcast is a natural progression.

Second, I have the tools. Yesterday @poet drove to the nearest electronics shop and we split the cost of a shiny new Blue Yeti Nano. With the sound quality this baby provides, it's hard to resist.

In addition, as @poet and myself were discussing the option of podcasting about Keyforge, a dear friend casually said I should start a podcast. The timing was somewhat mind-boggling and so I decided it was a sign from the universe that I should, well, podcast.

What about STEEM?!

Don't worry, you'll get to hear the podcasts as I will most likely syndicate them here or poke @poet into reviving her Steem blog so she can publish it instead.

In addition, if by any chance anyone out there wants me to use my fancy new mic and be a guest on a radio show or Steemy podcast, look me up on Discord. I am everywhere and I can't wait to play with this mic.


I've been hooked on listening to and producing podcasts since the very earliest days downloading them with iTunes and uploading them to clickwheel iPod. You're either in to talk radio or not as far as listening goes.

Good luck with your show, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Dude, you're a local! Finally, someone in Israel who actually Steems! Let's meet up! I'll be happy to be a guest on your Steemy podcast. I am in Kfar Saba. :)

I need subtitles - even if podcasters speak English!
Headphones might help - maybe then I could do dishes while listening.
Speakers who aren't concise, who don't cut to the chase. YES. Broadcast journalists have spoiled me. I like swift delivery by a trained orator with good diction...but I'll keep an eye out for links to your podcast.

I actually have perfect diction and have done radio in both Hebrew and English.

Oh, I have every confidence in your English! It's native English speakers who tend to use sloppy English. They mumble, they don't enunciate clearly... "probably" now sounds like "prolly," and I'm the last to figure out what someone just said.

Very exciting. I know nothing about Keyforge, but I love the sound of your voice and ideas in that big brain of yours. Being someone who has shared a mic with you, I can say for sure that @poet will have a great time on air with the amazing @techslut.

Let me know where and when. I'll be there.
Lots of love, Bucky

I'd listen in if you have a podcast.. Something to hear while I commute

I'd suggest to try PodMiners (podcasting / radio industry + blockchain) for podcasting
It's the project in the early stages but already has a lot of features to offer.

Invalid webpage certificate. So yeah... very early.

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I've also been thinking about setting up a podcast, first need to get the equipment though and find out what site to use, I am not really that technologically minded but love the idea of interviewing others especially about stuff I am passionate about. I miss seeing @didic around these parts. Wishing you the best of luck xxx

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