The Path of Exile 24 hour Hardcore Race is on again. March 8th. 160 STEEM up for grabs.

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Free to play, free to enter.

This is going to be a big one. Synthesis. A break neck, cut-throat ordeal through the fading dreams of a mysterious, ethereal figure.

Countdown timer -here -

A lot of people have expressed an interest in this one; with several first timers itching to show us what they can do. I just love this game.

This will again be a 24 hour race and I'll be awarding 20 STEEM to the highest ranked character in each class.


There'll be an additional 20 STEEM awarded to the highest level character overall.
If two or more players have evenly leveled characters, the prize will be split evenly.

ZiggyD does a more thorough exploration of the Synthesis expansion here.

If a character has died, the level they achieved is irrelevant.
The higher you go, the more you have to lose.
If you're way out in front it may even be worth benching your character and starting a backup.

Click here to sign up and get practicing for the main event.
Take note of your account name and make sure you've unticked the privacy options.
Home tab > My Account > Privacy Settings (on the right hand side of the page)

To enter;

Post your intention to compete, including your account name, using #poecomp as the first tag.

This must be done more than an hour before the league starts or you won't be included.
If your account is set to private you won't be included.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a grizzled veteran, or an eager newcomer?
Will you be dealing physical damage up close and personal, or raising an army of the dead to fight on your behalf?
Will you lay traps, mines and totems to outwit the enemy, or stick 'em with poisoned arrows from a distance?
Are you going to charge headlong into each level, or take it slow and stay alive?
Will you check the other accounts, and choose an under-represented character, or forge on with your favourite?


When that timer hits zero you'll want to create a new character.

Make sure you choose the red, Hardcore banner or your char will be softcore; which isn't suitable for grown ups and wins nothing.

NB: I've previously required that character names begin with SHR_, that is no longer a requirement.

Characters must also be Solo Self Found.
It's a tick-box in the character selection area.
It prevents a character from interacting with the marketplace, so no buying and selling with other players.

If your character dies, that's obviously a setback, but you can start again with somebody new.
It may seem that others have an unassailable lead, but they can die too.
It's quite possible that a mad dash for the finish line may be the undoing of one or many of your competitors.

If you're equipped to record and/or stream, please do so.
Use the tag #poecomp when posting. (Assuming you have time to post)
Glorious deaths are bittersweet and better shared.

See you on the field, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks, @linnyplant for the image, and best of luck in the race.


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I just posted and then saw this, so edited my post quickly to include the link.
Thank you, Matt, for hosting this event and getting us all excited for the next league.
<3 X 100 sent your way!


And you had to pick the fatty and bucket head image!! XD

It is a magnificent game. Thanks for trusting me and giving it a go.
Hope to see you on the podium :)

Pfft, no way will I be on the podium, I'm way too slow in making decisions and navigating through the zones. I plan to treat this like a marathon. The only person I am racing is ME, and trying to avoid all the silly stuff I do. I'd be thrilled if I live through the 24 hr will a HC character to still play. I'm in it for the fun and to support! I will be rooting for @supersoju and @ratticus though hehehehe. I might convince my PoE pal @nvisible to play as well, but he's shy and not generally a HC player. We'll see. If he goes in, I'll be cheering for him too!

I'll certainly take the support, but won't be surprised with being 2nd or 3rd in class like normal. I'll certainly be encouraging for everyone else. Especially to play a class different to me :)

hahaha which class do you plan to play @ratticus?

I'm looking at either Templar or Duelist. They're the only 2 I haven't gotten past Dominus before, so could be good to see more from them. also, Achievements are a thing I hunt :)

If you need a steem account made, just let me know. I have a tonne of account creation tokens; so you tell me the name they want, and I'll come back with the owner key (which they'll naturally want to change fairly soon).

Now Now @linnyplant; my money is on you; Soju's money is on you too! We are proud to see you training and studying hard. I'm only going to do the challenge for fun and race myself too. I wouldn't be able to play much anyways; I've got a joint birthday party to go to on Saturday on the other side of town. So no slacking off Linny! kekeke

Yes, my money is on @linnyplant! She has excelled in such a short time!

Win it for the ladies Linny!!!

Good luck everyone! I'll try and not die as many times as I tend to do :)

Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

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Damn, I will have to miss out this time. But the next one I will stay home and smash it out, good luck all though!

I look here a lot of fans of Path of Exile! :) I will try to make time for a new league!

This is quite fascinating Matt, wonderful initiative. Although I'm not a game freak but I'll inform my friends and followers about this. They may take interest.

Thanks Joshua. Appreciate the extra eyeballs.

I'll certainly be in. Just have to do up an entry post when I get some time... I've not done much posting lately at all thanks to time/motivation/PoE...

And my post is up. It's not a great post, but it should contain all the relevant information. Let me know if I've missed any of the requirements :)

It's all there, mate. Travel far.

Hi, I thought what to play ... here is the game and the competition. I'm in the game) Well done keep it up!

Excellent. I look forward to seeing your entry post.

Count me in again! Writing a post right now.

Unfortunately, I only discovered the competition today. Hope I'm not too late to participate.

Here is my post about it:

Welcome aboard :)
Entries close an hour before the new league drops. You posted two hours before, so had an hour spare; making you our 10th entrant.
I just posted the final list. Keep that post handy as it lists all of your opponents' accounts; very handy for selecting new characters when/if you suffer a death.
Good luck, mate.


I was hoping there'd be a list.

I'm looking forward to it!

GL and HF to all :)

Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I'm so bad at the game that I will never to be able to play hardcore :P

Then come be beaten by the best :)

How i wish i can claim all that steem to my own account

If you have a reasonable PC and a solid internet connection, you have a few days to practice.
There's a lot to learn, though. Maybe follow along, get some practice in and join us for the next one :)

are you a game developer??

I'm barely even a player :)

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