The Lab of Doom - El Paso 'Beads of Sweat'

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Lyrics by DePress'd

And now she can't stand me.

Six shot revolver din ran out.

Din tore up some bad towels.

Wasn't no stoppin this girl.

She got that pop with that twirl like there's no cops in the world.

Just flip flops and big curls.

She was a lusty lady.

Had me experiencing deja-vu.

A genie with a bottle lets smoke a few.

Blaze some swishas grant some wishes break some dishes.

Whatever works just do it soft til it hurts...

I already kicked it, already hit it, already split, already beat it to death.

Down to the little beads'a'sweat.

I craze to see her like little Stevie I was made to love her.

Set by no lover I was made to suffer.

But me, I'm not tripping, I'm just dipping looking to get paid good.

What else could I do bout these haters that wish that they could.

So many drinks I can't count. So many blunts on the couch.

So much of what I'm gone do if you open your mouth.

Final Thoughts

This is a short verse by a very talented MC. This was written almost a decade ago but the words still ring true. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with this artist. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Another Poet

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Interesting prose. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the kind words friend. I like this verse a lot... I suppose that's why I felt I had to share it. Take care.

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