in #poem4 years ago

I solemnly admit the fact
That am not entirely intact
I have this problem
Getting stuck to me like an emblem

I don’t want to hurt you
Cause in the process I get hurt too
It disturb me so much
That I still battle with such

I believe I should have overcome such
But I still can’t beat it
I feel as if am in a mesh
I believe it must be my flesh

I must find a chance
To get rid of this “annoyance”
Its hurting my relationship
And wedging our fellowship

Oh how I wish you would know
That my heart is as white as snow
I had preferred my love
Cherishing you far above

Why then should I early get annoyed?
At every utterance presumed alloyed
It shouldn’t be
I hope you’d believe me

Something is wrong somewhere
I wish you’d first help me with prayers
I know I have a part to play
That I would start doing TODAY.

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