in #poem4 years ago

I always long for your visitations when I can hold you in my arms and tell you how much you mean to me
The feeling that you’re ignorant of the effects you have on me often creeps into my subconscious where it is diligently analyzed to check for forgetfulness and laxity
Has a day ever passed since I met you without me thinking over you?
I trace the etiology back to an infinite source who also couples my meditations with precautions.
The ease at which I get strived (caring) puzzles (thrills) me
All my life I had remained still until you walked in
Look at me and study me and you’ll see a craving to have you by my side always
It’s as if I’m missing you daily and also someday when you’re with me I still miss you(I don’t understand)
A look into your eyes tells me a lot much I would have loved to hear you speak but a great deal assumed
There is this one that confounds me: a feeling you have something to tell me and you do not know how to say it
Get out of your nut and do not put anything at stake
It is a world of freedom moreover, a promise has been made!!

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