in #poem4 years ago

I’m a year older today as I was last year
Lord have mercy-I’m getting old
Very soon the wrinkles will start appearing
Yet nobody shown interest
“Mi o baje now”
Whenever I go home
Mummy sits me down and asks how far
To be frank, it’s not far at all
Put on your best clothes and do visit them
Don’t prove you’re too hard to get
Titi, Our neighbour’s daughter
Will be wedding in two months time
You both are age mates you know
Mummy, I don’t know the problem with me
Most of my friends get themselves used
Those guys have such sweet tongues
Swearing you are the only one in their lives
To say the fact am confused
Give me the name of one of them
The one that you like
I’ll see Baba concerning it
All you need do
Is invite him for dinner
What else?


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