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As we struggle through life, never looking back and uprooting any barrier to our success, we sometimes 'make it' because we are daring or because we know the price of failure having experienced poverty, such that our children live forever in our shadows as mediocre, having never grown some spine or enough mental muscle.
One of my favorite sayings is one that goes, every prince descends from a pauper, and every pauper from a prince. Let is consider the importance of this saying in some greater depth.
First is to say there is a likehood if you trace everyone's history today, that those who are rich had some very poor ancestors, while those who are poor may likely have prosperous ancestors back in history. It just means that one needs to be careful.
THE danger is that those who are raised in luxury really have no incentive to strive and may therefore not continue the trajectory of their fathers who often struggled to become what they are. Although there is a deeper psychology privileged children may have seen it all and may not be able to understand why they need to hustle like their fathers ,why parents who allow their children every possible luxury are actually damaging the ability of the children to grow.
THE STORY is told about the butterfly, how it struggles through the egg, lava, pupa, stages of its development and how the wriggling out of its hard shell forms it's wings. Anyways we have a situation today where many children of valiant men have veered into music, Dance,deejay-ing,ownership of sex toy shops, acting and ownership of night club, organizing of beauty pageant and music shows and soon.
This means that today's hero is tomorrow's villain. Those who make you and prop up your image are also the ones who make a pig's meal out of your reputation and sanity when Time come's..

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