in #poem4 years ago

For once in my life ephemeral
I saw the truth sink down
There and then
It occurred to me plainly
That I don’t know much

I have an inner witness
Which actually
Is an outside liar
In the face of tomorrow
Cause I don’t know much

All I know is little
But the little is rather much
And the much is not enough
How can I escape this phobia
When I don’t know much

When will I know much?
Is it when life ceases?
Or when life becomes retrograde
I mourn now and then
For I don’t know much

How shall I know much?
When I have closed my eyes
To the way called narrow
Where I dare not stay
I don’t know much

Who on earth knows much?
Let him believe his folly
And let his day be blue
Cause he told me that
I don’t know much

I don’t know much
But I know that I love you
It does mean much
If you say
That you love me too

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