in #poem4 years ago

It’s been the greatest of pain
To sneak out of my nutshell
To tell you bluntly
Something I’d never told anyone
That I love you.
I had analysed my feelings
Phase by phase
Experimented my emotions
Day by day
Just to stumble over the fact:
I am in love with you
Good grief! Lord have mercy.
I had always had my mind made up
Since when I was young
To have just “somebody”
And not more
I mean somebody to love with my being
Somebody to share my aspirations with
Somebody to share the world with
But then, there is a clause
You’ve not replied me
I’ve been suspended
And do dread falling down
Because if I do,
I might never see tomorrow
Just tell me something
And surely, I mean surely, I say surely
That will determine my faith

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