My Heart

in #poem4 years ago

I’ve never missed anybody in my life
But my Holy God
I’ve missed somebody
Never did I know
That love was this powerful
The firewall was painful
Cause of its casual nature
Which was probably
Borne out of ignorance
I am going – oh yes I know
Then I looked into your eyes
And what do I see?
No premonition......
Across or before the stream
All was blank
There was nothing for me
Not even, not even
An affectionate statement
The shell is still binding
We need to break it
Cause its rubbing me
Of some happiness
Nothing to think of
Except the abrupt departure
To a kind expectant
Oh mine
Since that day
There has been a gradual
And progressive emptiness
Come and talk to me
Because I’ve been deceived
Deceived long enough
By assumptions and emotions
Which have derailed me?
Causing emotional chaos
You say too little
I say too much “Probably”
It amounts to confusion
We need clarity and charity
Any way
Since you left
The days have been empty

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