in #poem4 years ago

Being enchanted, something I thought would never be possible for a being like me
Just like an hurricane, it takes my pain not just the vain ones but the hate ones too.
In perfect description, I could access a scrambled channel once I see her coming as the way I emotionally feel.
She got me covered because she is a mother and also a challenge, she kick starts my feelings.
A simple "hello" for each day gets me emotional as if I haven't seen her before.
She is a lady, yes, a pretty lady but not like every other. She is pretty to me in a special way which I don't see but feel.
I always knew she was out there, out there waiting for me that lucky pal.
She is a natural B, sparkling like the reflection of light on a diamond as clean as crystal.
Wasn't easy waiting because of I have been with a lot but never felt like they were the one........
But now and then I still have this fear in my heart if she can really accept me with the whole of her heart, and if she can really accept the person I was......

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