Simple Pleasures - a poem by me!

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Simple things bring me pleasure
Gathering shells and beach treasures

Waves breaking at my feet
Relaxing retreat from the heat

Ocean breeze gently kisses my skin
Sea spray cools, thank you wind!

Sea shells in every shape and size
The hermit crab retreats and tries to hide

The gulls above scoping out the scene
Looking for scraps, please nothing lean

The sandpiper at surfs edge looking for dinner
Hey look that one is a winner

Dolphins dance in the waters near shore
Their show is something I truly adore

The sound of Rainbird’s spraying the lawn
A strange but comforting summer song

Crickets chirp in unison
All night long until the rise of the sun

Hummingbirds battle for territory
If they were larger it would be very gory

The falcons teach their young to hunt
The squirrels hide, none seen out front

No shoes are worn all the long
Maybe some flips flops, sandals, thongs?

Baby birds leave the nest
Mama prepares it for the next

The moon is the only light
The shooting stars fly by only at night

A distant train whistle blows
The campfires flames glows
My marshmallow catches on fire
If I said I didn’t like that I would be a liar

ljk 2019


super cool, my friend.... good idea sharing a poem :) we need more of that in here !

thank you for reading it!

Well THAT was pretty damned awesome!