Afterlife ─ An Original Poem

in #poem9 months ago

From one end of the podium to the other
Did the vibrant preacher swiftly run, sweating.
He spoke with great eloquence and vigour
His baritone voice echoing in our heads
Like a bad cassette.
He spoke about a loving God
A loving God who slaughtered his only begotten son
To save wretched souls like ours;
To the poor and hopeless,
He asked to worry not about what to drink and eat
For there would be abundance in the afterlife
But a tattered-looking lad in the large gathering
Did pause momentarily
Asking himself what was wrong
What was wrong with having abundance now
And still having abundance in afterlife?


Image sourced from Pixabay


@gandhibaba, Story of Afterlife is so Mysterious and surrounded by diversified Myths.

But one day everyone will going to know the Truth of Afterlife, one way or other.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Good question, I'd say to the tattered-looking lad.

I could never understand why so many religious people believe that bliss and glory and abundance will come only in the afterlife. Still can't.

Peace (and bliss, glory, and abundance...)

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