Jean And Rose - Poem

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A poem about books

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Jean likes to read

Plunge his nose into books
He likes the texture the smell
the feeling and the look

Jean likes to escape
into a different realty
where he’s not so lonely
and in his mind he could be

an elf or a fairy
a king or a queen
a witch or a hero
But for now he believes

he's a girl called rose
Who is more fortunate than Jean
Rose gets what she wants
She lives like a queen

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Rose lives in peace
she lives in harmony
she has her dog and a sister
and plenty of money

She has a little swing
that's tied to a tree
that she sits in and sings
quite merrily

she sings as she goes
up higher and higher
She swings and she sways
through the leaves and the breeze
And thinks about what she could do
see and be

She's speeding through the air
and for a second she thinks
She's a beautiful swan
With her own set of wings

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She has many friends
they sit in circles and braid
while talking about ponies
and barbies and fame

she has a loving family
Who love and care
for their beautiful little girl
who will always be theirs

But then after a while
Jean lifts up his head
And sees his own life
from up on his bed

he sees the good
And he sees the bad
he sees the happy
he sees the sad

he takes a deep breath
he closes his eyes
he screams in his head
he dose not cry

he roles over in bed
And lifts up his book
Try not to think
just try to look

at the words on the page
that whisk him away
to an imaginary world
much unlike his own

to his safe place

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I hope you liked it

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This is a really good piece. It is pride month right now did you know this? For me this poem is not only about the escape into books (which hit home with me because that is what I did to escape my pretty retched childhood) but also points to the struggle Trans kids go through. If you are comfortable with it you might want to also post it under the lgbt tag . This should be seen by the steemit LGBTQIA community.

Yeah I will add the tag. My school is very supportive with the LGBTQIA community so I am well aware of pride month. It did occur to me while writing that it might be connected but I wasn't sure what the tag would be, thanks!

use the short lgbt tag as it is the most used here on steemit :)

This is amazing!


This is alot like Advaita philosophy although the role is flipped. We are Really already Rose but sometimes pretend we're Jean and forget.

Resteemed :)

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that that's cool. Thank you! :)

@ancapbarbie def worth a mention in your next LGBT post me thinks

This poetry prose piece is beautiful. I Love the length of it because I did not want to stop reading, Also this is a new project you might be interested in.