In a cave.

in #poem3 months ago

It is wet and full of slime
Where I sit and wait,
Without a jacket,
Cold is all I felt.

My eyes are open but I cannot see other than the darkness around me.

I can feel the wind blowing.
Should I walk against the wind?
They said the wind must come from an opening,
But will the opening be big enough for me to get out from here?
From this dark cave where I am lost inside.
I do not have any source of light with me.
Should I take the risk?
Or could it probably be a chance?
Maybe I should just wait for someone o come and get me.

While my mind is thinking,
My body already move,
With the last strength I have,
I walk against the wind.

The darkness seem to be fading,
With the present of some light,
As I continue walking against the wind.

I can hear a whistle,
Could it be someone?
It is just the wind playing at the entrance of this cave.