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It is a war far and near
Taking place in your soul
It was there from galaxy
And cannot be compromised

A refuge is sought on a
Basis temporal
Under sin, there is a pause
But then the result is the same

It is like a shadow stuck to u
Even death can’t do you apart
You might tend to ignore it
But frankly, it fights on

It is aggravated with sanity
Only the so called “mad ones”
Are handicapped
And made spectators

You and your enemy are one
I mean your enemy is you
You fight yourself
You cannot escape it

You tend to hide from it
But it is within you
Reasons for limited duration
The effects of war

It does not exist
A life on the line
For as long as you survive
The exchange of artillery

You inflict wounds on yourself
Because you fight yourself
A way suggested
Is to be biased

Then there would be
An exchange unilateral
An effect concentrated
And a view related

I’ve thought of ways out
A peace talk would aggravate it
You need to be dead on aside
This requires consultations

Consultations with a
Battle stricken and famine
Domesticated ecosystem
Fry pan to fire to furnace

It is an irreversible onset
Then let us prevent the onset
By so doing
Everybody should lie solid

My own idea is to
Isolate yourself from yourself
And live outside watching
The deeds on perspective

A life of ignorance to the
Extreme fact of knowledge
You can prevent yourself from
Your other part

Assume a part of you is dead
And let him declare himself
But really you have won

Because in weakness lies
The greatest strength of time
This shows that for a thing to be
Made straight it has to be bent

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