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All that glitters is not gold, so the saying goes
But surely, some are
You cannot hide yourself
Even if you can please don’t
I think my moves are of folly
But few, very few are to my own discretion
You told me a confirmation
I read a lot on the anterior
I assume a little on the Intima
I consider and deliberate on the outside
But then I think I know nothing It was some years ago
When it happened simulating the physical
I know there was an exception
I tried to suppress the growing truth.
But it cannot be imprisoned
One day, it leaked out
Out of my fingers perforated
Into my mouth ephemeral
It’s been very surprising
Interesting to be precise
To study and observe the “personal”
Conforming to the so called rare
But then, comprehension I seek
So as to appreciate the treasure

Or what do I know
There is something which probably you know not
But ethics do have boundaries
Which you your self do recognise
An important asset for one
But then it has been made clear
In the memory part of the brain
That which should be done
Although not yet completed
It deceives the future
Can it ever forget the approaching Joy?
I look and look
Trying to understand the “phrase”
But then I lack the threshold
Maybe for some funny fears because
Principles have side effects
And effect obtained unto honour
The physical is very deceptive
But the unseen lasts longer
While then do I cleave?
Cleave to that which is temporal
The personal is internal
That is what I seek
People are myopic so they are deceived
And many are growing blind
But then there is a burning sensation
A sensation which I describe not
For fear of inaccuracy

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