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If only you knew, that the windows were open
If only you knew that it was in you I put my hope in
If only you grew up and stopped the late night
if only you knew, my dreams just running out of sight

Think of the price I paid
The things for you I gave.
The things I did for us
The shame, the burden and the cross.
You're not here, where you at?
I've lost you, that's a bigger part
We came in two, now one is here
Just alone with my thoughts and fear

It's not as it seems, though it looks like it.
Come in let's talk, don't stand, come and sit.
Tell me what hurts, say what's wrong
Choose your words carefully, there's power in the tongue
I know sometimes it feels so hard to do.
Sometimes it feels impossible too
Let it go, let them go, Let us grow
Tell them it's over, let them know.

So he said "you do not understand me at all"
Do you know how many times I bruised when I fall
Falling in love with him, and he's just not into me.
He'll say things like "maybe it was not meant to be"
I think I've had my cut of old karma
I need someone with whom my child can say
So sad to imagine, hard to recall
That the wounds I lick are from the bruises I gained when I fell.