Her for love 📝💕

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For her love for everything she needs,
For her for love and for the stars from heaven.
You may be dear, but someone always thinks about you,
That you are always happy and funny, and for everything you do, there is no regrets.
You have no regrets, your love will last forever.

For you honey, and life, if you need, no one should touch and offend.
If someone sends you a bad word, believe me, it will not be good for him.
If someone sounds a tone on you, believe me, I'll make him feel the pain in my life to hang myself.
The most beautiful in the world I want luck in every way, thank you godfather for everything you've done for me, almost once you sew the veins.

Thank you for the fact that you were there to always turn me in the right way,
Thank you for being the strongest man ever hugged whenever you need and giving me my hugs when no one gives me peace.
Thank you for being there, to stay with you only godfather, I stand still.
And you know the godfather whenever you have a problem calling me, you can call me.
For you dear i will always be there, in good and bad.




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