Play it one More Time.

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I'm laying it all out for the kids..

But the words say nothing..

We all go blah blah blah..

So I'm turning up my volume when I speak..

But words meaning nothing so we go La la la..

Dancing down the street..

So fucking unique..

No cracks in this pavement.
Earthly destruction.
Roots run deep..

I keep it firm for you all..

Picking up the world one foundation at a time..

at a moment..

in the moment..

we cover our ears like the kids..

seeking the past when we speak when should be walking the line, stepping down the track..

get 8 bit with me robot.

I want to dance.. Human.. again..

After all.

We are all.. Human..



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I want to dance.. Human.. again..

I know this feeling, good verses, dear. !tip

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