woof barf barf

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 woof barf barf

A barfly may have a barf barf

A blow-out is a lot of beer floating in the air

blows up the barfly

a blowhard is the most beer-loathsome of barflies

in an effort to get drunk, barflies

make a mess of things

Blow up at some barfly's place

What is Barf?

A barfly needs beer, it's the only acceptable way to get alcohol. However, if you can't get it yourself, barflies will help you with some. Their goal is to blow off any excess booze and then put it back into any remaining alcohol, thus allowing the barfly to sell as much as it wants without anyone else getting hurt.

What does the beer get you then?

Once your buddy is drunk, the barfly has to get beer for you. It is important to note that the beer is typically mixed with beer flavored water. There are often ways to get the appropriate flavor without all the beer. Most bartenders have been known to give you a can of beer for free, the barfly could have a free drink or the bartenders staff could give you free beer by giving you a beer bottle with it. Another way to get beer, or drink water in general is to get a barfly to blow up at the spot with beer or beer flavored water.