Poem: The end of the rainbow?

in #poem3 years ago


Indeed you could
But ask if you should

Is wrong sometimes right?
Is right sometimes wrong?

These seemingly simple questions,
Leave our minds fleetingly

Asking questions is part of who we are
Yet the answers always seem so far

The truth is, I can't tell you
The reality is, I want to show you

The difference between true and true

It's all up to you

Thanks to my beautiful wife for giving me the inspiration. She's my Rockstar!

I can't picture this maze of a world without her amazing support. Sometimes life can be very confusing, to the point of pushing people off the cliff... leaving those that stare either in disbelief, awe or simply mortified by what people are capable of. As for those that don't feel those emotions, be wary. There's my little philosophical rant, lol.


Mind bending but beautiful poem! So true!!

Why thank you. Much appreciated :)

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Beautiful baby. I love being your rockstar. Just like you're my rock. Love you 😘

Awesome philosophical rant @therneau!