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Welcome, welcome,welcome,
Men of celebrated valour,
Finest specimen of African manhood,
Seasoned warriors and soldiers of time
You are welcome!

History holds you in the sublime.
Current exploits on your foes
Confirm you military prowess,
As your fed the vultures fat,
With your foes flesh
You, I welcome.

Your hard won victory
Is praised by all.
Generations shall accord you same.
For annals shall beautifully
Spell your names in gold.
Welcome, welcome, great soldiers.

The poem celebrates soldiers who went to war and conquered the enemies of their kingdom. Their successes are appreciated and are put in a praise song.
They are compared to African men of physical strength, "finest specimen of African manhood" Before the invention of the gun, bombs and chemical war weapons, the African man was the strongest soldier in physical combat.
The first and second stanza establish the fact that men who fight in defense of their mother land, are always remembered in History and their names are written in (gold) minds of generations yet unborn.

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