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The under-developed nation of the world,
Ran into hot worries in quest for ways
Of coming out of under-development,
And it's wasteful attendant crises.

This led to a journey to God,
To seek for possible solutions,
Because, development must be achieved.
Therefore, three concerned nationals.

A Libyan, a Ghanaian and a Nigerian
Decided to go straight to God,
And ask Him some questions,
When they got to God's temple,
The Libyan stepped before God asking,
When will my Libya be developed?
God hopefully answered him, saying,
Next three full years.

The Libyan went away hissing sadly,
The Ghanaian then stepped forward
And demanded frankly from God,
My God, my creator,
When will my country Ghana be developed?
God in his infinite perfect wisdom
Regrettably answered him saying,
In Ten distant years
The Ghanaian went away crying.

The Nigerian then stepped before God, asking,
My God, my creator, the mysterious
Founder of Himself, yet created
Every other thing in the world.
When will my dear country
Nigeria be fully developed?
God looked at the Nigerian with pity
And seeing no possibility of Nigeria
Ever ever developing as soon as expected,
God Himself started crying!
God stopped crying and said
With my tears
I wash Nigeria clean
It will develop very soon
When corruption stops very soon.

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