Standing around birch trees

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standing around birch trees

The leaf turns green young.
See how young leaves are
standing around birch trees,
Airy greenery through,
Semitransparent, like smoke ...

Let the pines and spruce
stick out All winter,
In the snow and blizzards
Wrapped up, they sleep.

Their skinny greenery,
Like the needles of a hedgehog,
Though forever does not turn yellow,
But never fresh.

We, a light tribe,
Blossom and shine
And a short time
On the boughs to visit.

All red summer
We were in beauty,
We played with the rays, We
bathed in the dew! ...

But the birds burst out,
Flowers faded, The
rays turned pale,
Zephyrs are gone.

So what is it for us to
hang and turn yellow for free ?
Isn't it better for them
And we fly away!

O violent winds,
Hurry, hurry!
pluck us From the boring branches!

Rip off, rush away,
We don't want to wait,
Fly, fly!
We are flying with you! ...




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