The Last Factory Rhyme

in #poetry4 years ago

This will be the last poem ever written in the factory I work in, for I have quit the mind draining job. I have found a shop that wants to hire me on full time to fix the junk that rolls through their doors.

I quit my job with much finesse; a poem poorly written on one of the pieces of paperwork used by the shop with a literal explanation on the opposite side. I handed it to a manager, that made his day, and I had a heart to heart with him about this job I thought of so horrid.

Final poem.jpg

The people were lovely
The interactions always friendly
The work repetitious, menial, and mundane
'Twas always a delight stacking parts throughout the day

I knew this day would come when I bid you all adieu
Consider this my notice of leave, from me to you
I know this seems abrupt, but keep in mind the circumstance
The pay is higher up, the benefits better too; this is my only chance

I apologize dearly if I instilled you with false hope
But my job is rather easy, and my loss won't be a cope

final poem backside.png
I'm sure most of you can read that, but it says, "FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT"
I wrote it in all caps because caps lock is cruise control for cool, and I want these people that I'm never going to see again to think I'm cool.
With the sarcastically fallacious heartfelt poem on the front and obscenities on the back I wanted to add the theme of duality to this piece. My ex-manager was able to catch on to it, and it was well received.

Onward to my next day job adventure!


This definitely beats the infernally polite and painfully unimaginative resignation letter (with two months notice) I gave my last employer, haha!

Take this job and SHOVE IT!
I don't work here any more!
(it's a song)

I've heard it many times in my life. Who do you think I am? Some uneducated liberal arts student?

GAWD I hope not. offense intended.

Forward ever man, congrats

That's right man, look back not to dwell but to learn.

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