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Hey, this is just a short poem and my first creative piece on here. Thumbs up it goes well xD

We live and die. we are mere humans.. mortals.
The warm red blood running through my veins.
I am Adams child.
Eves daughter.
Gods creation.
Bound by clay.
Sculptured by the greatest.
Contained by my spirit.
Lightened by my soul.
Human. Blood, flesh and bone human.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)


Very nice poem, I really enjoyed it

Thanks! 😊

This poem was exquisite, I love the innovations and ideals you used within it...
Really good keep it up!

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it 😊

Wow! Nice, I'm following u for more

Aw thank you! I'll follow back:)

Thanks that was a nice read!

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice but Don't forget you are also a soul🙄

Don't worry I'm also very soulful haha

I believed poetries should rhyme? Isn't it?

I believe a poet should write their own work, Unlike yourself lmao don't comment on my page at all.

I have everything original on my page miss.