I wonder how that would be marvelous? Who would want to stop existing after all?

It's just a deep poem🙄😂

A deep poem means a poem with a deep meaning. Isnt't it?

Which it has lmao it's about someone who has a mental illness. If you've nothing nice to say don't reply to my shit

Hey relax dude. People post on steemit so that others can read it. If someone's not understanding something, you should make them understand, why are you writing if you don't want anyone to understand. And why did you delete the post? I have no time to reply to a shitty post. I ignore shitty posts. I replied to yours because I was trying to understand it. Seems like you don't want people to go through your page. You took my comments the wrong way. Anyways, never delete your work if someone doesn't like it. Not the world can like someone's work. Good luck.