Wow ! Great one !! Beautiful lines dear friend !!

Very good your poetry and dance. I like it. :-)

Poetry... Sexy dance...

Love it thank you for sharing

So interesting your post! Thank you for it! @anwenbaumeister

Wow that's pretty awesome :)

Nice I like it and the imagery goes really well. In the first pic though I though you had no head for a minute. Lovely words cracking post

I'm kind a interested in what she's dancing. Is that a dance? or I'm thinking of something else?

Oh, I didn't know such a good help for those who got suffered from a fire. You are very nice person! I've just found that post so I'm gonna vote! I hope I'm not late!

Those are indeed great moves :)
The tagline suits the posts !!

Wonderful, I love the progression of the photos of the movement

Beautiful words and moves, @anwenbaumeister. Definitely following you now. Looking forward to more.

You sexi...

Delightful poetry which tells a real story

cool, health awareness @anwenbaumeister

wow nice and good writing. I upvoted and following updets.

wow such a beauty deep within, very well expressed!

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