Polarized Poetry - New Direction

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Hello to anyone who may happen to see this.
I have another spoken word/poem with music thingy to share.

Before we get to it I'd like to briefly say that I think I like pretty much all of the ones I've created so far except for perhaps one or two of them and those were just important to get off my chest and out of my mind so to speak... However, this one I'm sharing today is particularly one of my favorites!

In this poem I have started to express my improved understandings of non violent communication. I feel like this one is mostly positive, it helps to display some ideas which I consider important and the music is excellent too! Kinda weird, but... I usually like weird! So that's an extra plus in my book. Heh.

I want to create more pieces of art similar to this one in the future which are sort of positive and uplifting and have a meaningful message. :) Thanks for reading/listening if you did! Peace.

Lyrics will be below and a link to the audio as well if you would like to listen.

New Direction.

A former master at jackal language, trying to be more like a giraffe.
It doesn't matter so much if they are insulting, or how much they laugh.
Listen to what they are really trying to say, if necessary ask.
No need to be brash, show you're up to the task.
The key is to stay in control, a goal to reveal the shackles and masks and to find a better path.

Instead of just down below, looking at things from up high.
Then combining them both, to help describe.
Be aware of what they think they know, and peacefully try.
It might be in vain, they might have already made up their mind.
Though you can still explain, the reasons why.
And others might notice and subscribe.
Or at least think about it and have their perceptions widened.

Plus you're planting seeds.
Some day they might break free.
Planting seeds... Planting seeds.
With roots that grow and reach.
Love and fear... These qualities tangle into each other to be near.
Misery loves company, but, so does happiness if you're wise enough to see that clear.
Sometimes I just want to be alone though. All is one here.

Growing and sprouting new beliefs.
Trying to figure out what this means.
Like a flower or a tree.
Branching out towards the light to meet me.
To meet me.
Growing towards the light to meet me.
Going towards a brightness from the cracks in the concrete, I breath.
Unevenly, wobbling.
At first it's difficult, still hobbling.
Not stopping, a will to persist.
Getting stronger, reforming from within.
Reflecting outwards.. It's getting time to begin.
Calmed by the wind.
As the sun glints.
Colors changing.
Everything rearranging.
Then we do it all over again.


Well said, I enjoyed it. There's a nice flow with a good choice of words.

Thanks! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it and that you thought there was a good choice of words. I like this one too! It has a really positive and optimistic feel to it in my opinion.

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