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My dear friend,
Surprised to see a comment here after 8 months?

I read the poem again, thought I would love to give it to Cherine, and then scrolled down to read the comments and saw your answer to my previous comment.

May I reprint this (as dedicated from me to Cherine and Samantha, or to all the girls of the Teller family, since I love them all, mentioning that this poem was dedicated by the poet to a character of his story?

I think that would create a unique precedent (I cannot recall it being done before).

Still hard at work on creating my web site (and learning how to while I do it!). It is starting to look quite good - even if I say so myself :)

Otherwise, just staying at home, as I have done for years, so I hardly notice the is just annoying when having to wait in a queue to get into the supermarket (never been British enough to enjoy queues!). I think I also anger some women (men do not bother) because I walk around without a mask. In that way I am a Greek, for I do not believe Fate has marked me for dying, I think it wants me to finish with my book and maybe get my project going so that I can leave knowing I created something I love and helped a few people.

lol - I wrote the above and had the thought...I wish I were a racist, for then it would be really ironic that if I manage to help anyone, it is mostly going to be those of brown or black skin.

All my best to you and your wife,
Alex (Arthur)


So glad to hear you're doing well, Alex, and like all Greek demi-gods, tempting the Fates. Of course you can use the poem as a dedication - I would be flattered - use it however you want, my friend. I also concur about our writerly lifestyles - lockdowns and quarantines are part of our daily routines - but unlike you, I'm paranoid - this whole invisible plague has spooked me - reminds me of when I was in the occult and battling demons. There's no place to hide from the spirit realm - no place to hide from a black death. Sorry for being morose - my mind just goes there nights :)

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