From my haiku notebook: The Golden Spring has Arrived

in #poetry3 years ago

Good afternoon, dear readers. I was a bit late to publish this week's haiku, but here I am with another one taken from my haiku notebook. Hope you enjoy it:

The Golden Spring has Arrived

Naked trees
coated in yellow
as April comes.

Free image taken from Pexels

That's all for now. Until next time, I hope you have a terrific day.


Essential and lovely. There are grace and lightness in your composition. Keep it up! :-)

Thank you for your comments. It has been a truly warm welcoming from the followers of bananafish. I'll keep it up.

We don't know any other way to stay together! 😉 See you in the bf realms

I love the verse in the middle, in particular.. it gives me the idea of a Klimt painting.

I'm really bad at drawing and paiting, but it makes me smile to make a composition that has the quality of a painting with my words. Thanks a lot.

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