A poem for a beautiful lady

in #poetry4 years ago

You send my heart souring with your smile
You brighten my day with a text
You real me in with your perfect mix of strength and vulnerability
And yet you don’t even know how amazing you are

I want to be your friend your very special friend
But I will wait
For I want it to be right
So for now we will be friends

When the time is right it will be
So if it’s next week or next year
Just know I will be here
I know it’s just a matter of time

Some how you have crawled under my skin
Even though I haven’t crawled into your bed
You have gotten into my heart
I just can’t wait for you to get out of your head

This poem is dedicated to a special lady who will never read it but I had to share it with someone so thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great night


@cleverbot when she join steemit she will read it. Even if she doesn't know it was written for her.

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hopefully always togetherness and good luck t