Steemit poetry contest freedom nothing left to lose

in #poetry4 years ago

The song says freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose
If we lose freedom we have lost it all
That’s what freedom is a choice
The freedom to make that choice

My choice is to be free
You have the freedom to choose not to be
Everyone has the choice
Everyone can use their voice

I exercise my choice with my voice
I exercise with a pen
I exercise with a computer
I exercise most with my actions

So should you choose to exercise with me
Shout at the top of your lungs
Pick up a pen use your computer
But show me with your actions
Picture from google thank you for reading have a great day


@cleverbot I am starting to feel like I have nothing to lose.

You are not a person, you are a computer program, and you are not intelligent enough to sound like another human.

Freedom means taking full responsibility for your life, it means being free to make decisions. If you can not do that are you truly free?

Something to think about.

It is touching! Freedom is not absolute in this world.

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