Ordin'ry infinite—(rabbithole factory.)

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   Ordin'ry infinite—
(rabbithole factory.)

experimental poetry:



Ordin'ry infinite—

(rabbithole factory.)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Negated pensivity
of holed lectures,
levitation of crumbs.

cull'd ruins:
stretchmanship of—

tinning glass;

...holy crime.

Fickle lamb,
bentframe smile—

emergent tome-miel

surrender righteous:
stayf'r a while.


Burrow down,
sightless-luscious chemistrize—

......with lightless eyes.

Smith the factored walls,
close-sealed dream-aeon—
through wormholes gnawed:
of deityrind.


Take your time,
breathe a bit,
ordin'ry, love:
the infinite.

wormhole_by_ahermin 2.jpg




   alien life

uncertainty_principle_by_ahermin 2.jpgalien_life_by_ahermin 6.jpg

uncertainty_principle_by_ahermin copy.jpg



Greetings @d-pend. From a loaned computer/connection at a place where electricity used to be reliable (next to the hospital), but which last night alone experimented (I just was told) 4 blackouts. Let's see if I can write my comment before the next blackout.
As everyone else has pointed out, I think all your poetry is experimental, even the ones that look "conventional" (sonnets, couplets, etc.)
The most noticeable aspect of your experimentation is "lexiconic," which infinite as it may appear, can be narrowed down to morphology and syntax. You like to play with word formation and spelling and word order.
If we add to that this sort of divertimento aspect of your poetry, then of course, you drive your readers crazy.

This poem however, I want to simplify it via a sophism, and then complicate it with the exposition of its paradox.
If ordinary infinite is a rabbit hole (factory) and ordinary love is the infinite, then ordinary love is a rabbit hole (a place for the unknown, for the deranged).
The title is paradoxical because there is nothing ordinary about the infinite, but if (and considering that @d-pend likes math) as in some experimental mathematical operations 2 may equal 1, then the ordinary and the extraordinary can be equalized.
I think there is some intertextuality worth exploring here. On the one hand the obvious reference to the most famous rabbit hole (Alice), on the other hand, I see some references to other poems by @d-pend that echo some of the key concepts here. I have noticed a reiteration of some images or notions. There is specific mention to “ordinary love” in Forever held by ever spell; in Unforgettable love is called a “tactile fortress”, and I read this as tangible, real.
A possibly contrasting facet is mentioned in many other poems, such as Paintbrush soul as “life’s infinite behest; in Intermediary Scribe there is a longing for preserving “the other world/with gesture rich:/ prevent the land to fade; and in World Drops there is an allusion to the “looking-glass” (hard to avoid thinking of Alice again) and to “fate and fantasy”.
Thus, there is already a recurrent tension between the real and the imaginary, the material and the ethereal, the physical and the spiritual. We are driven down this rabbit hole of words, falling disorderly (in theory), with some contrived and intrusive pauses (almost mockingly), allegedly to help us (like Alice was) make sense of the chaotic elements seen down the rabbit hole.
As in Alice, puns and ambiguity account for the complexity and humor of the text:

Negated pensivity
of holed lectures,
levitation of crumbs.

I read this as the denial or deprivation of critical thinking under the auspices of intellectualism; whether they are entire (whole) lectures, punctured (incomplete), boring, or hidden is subject to interpretation, but it is just an example of how complex language and what we mean with it can be. Knowledge can be the peeling of the paint to reveal what lies beneath or it can become the paint itself that covers it.
And I’d better stop here cause I won’t be able to post it (blackout).
I think the poem invites us to dream and seal that factory of dreams for ever, gnaw the rind of deity that protects or hides the sap of life; love what is at hand, what is ordinary, not an idealized all-powerful figure that can become the negation of our own existence.

An extraordinary comment, my very appreciated @hlezama. Chapó! (as my friend and great poet steemit @sansoncarrasco told me and taught me the meaning, by the way).

Gracias, @zeleiracordero. Aprendí una palabra nueva hoy. Me quito el sombrero :)


Hey, everyone. Since I've been writing so much "normal" poetry recently, </sarcsam> it was really satisfying to write this. But although it's experimental: the capitalization, punctuation, formatting, and spelling are all intentional.

If you want to ask questions, you can. But, if you treat it like a puzzle, you might just have fun. I promise it won't melt your brain—


P.S. If you comment asking if I'm on drugs, I'll slap you through the internet. You can be creative while sober, too, you know. xD


Doublepostscript I'm really tired so I might not answer your comments tonight, but I appreciate them as always :-)

hahahaha <3 ''normal'' poetry xD Man, I don't know where do you find all these words :D It's like you have your own dictionary!

Anyway, keep up giving beauty to this platform!

Lol I don't always know, myself. English is a bizarre enough language that it's pretty easy to back-form neologisms using existing words: portmanteaus, clippings, borrowing from other languages, etc....

Thanks for the support as always ;-)

Catch me if you can ...runs -yells from the bushes "you on drugs man ?" runs faster ... hides

 * nocks arrow *
Now where's that damn jungle beast.....
 * scowling * ah, well...
 * puts bow down *

whispers from the trees "not afraid " :)

fickle lamb
transforms land

Anyway, i can recollect few poems of mine about and around lamb. Sadly, they are all in Polish.

Hey, I like that! Here we go again—my ineptitude prevents me :-(

Ah, thank you! Prevent you from?

From enjoying the poems, since I don't know Polish :-)

Try to check poems of Tymoteusz Karpowicz or Krystyna Miłobędzka, alternatively Julia Szychowiak. They all have their poems translated into several languages, including English.

Thanks, I will see what I can find there :-)

Karpowicz lived and worked in US for years, btw. World is internally intertwined ;) .

Cool! Yes it is, and things are increasingly global. I am proud of my American heritage, but I consider myself first and foremost a citizen of Gaia.

Btw, (changing topic) how did you like the cuisine of Kerala? I absolutely loved their food. So much so, I ate way too much and gained weight while I was there xD

I just can't help but like and resteem it !
You used the reflections beyond it's limitation. You have such powerful eyes and skills to convey this feelings to us. And the photos themselves are so astounding !

Thank you very much @aalagenesis! I agree, I think ahermin has an excellent eye for photo composition. His captions are really interesting too. If you get a chance, look through the gallery of his other work! I appreciate your support of my poetry :-)

Wow, his photos are so captivating !
The fish photos gives me goosebumps.

And your words are awesome really :D
I wish I could compose a poem too

Yeah, they are super creative! Nice to see someone doing something totally different. I'm glad you like it! I used to feel bad for my bizarre way of writing, but as I've grown as a poet I have many other approaches, too.

You can compose a poem! Give it a try sometime if you feel the urge. That's what I did 7 years ago, and now it's one of the most important things to me :-)

Normal poems, friend? Poetry is generative thing, a bit similar to generative grammar, as proposed by Chomsky. Anyway, enjoyable one, enough for upvote and resteem ;) :) .

Bit of sarcasm :-) It's generative aspect is a big part of what makes it so enjoyable to write, for me. Combine it with a whimsical mood and it's a good time, indeed!

You know, I don't think I've read Chomsky unless it was when I was younger. That piques my interest :-)

Ah, great. I admire Chomsky in his relentless, uncompromised intelectual drive. I think we should dig ourselves constantly, reinvent ourselves constantly. For only in movements there is life. Again poetic comment, huh :) .

I definitely respect anyone that embraces a continual fascination with life, because to be without wonder is to cease to truly live. I've been in periods of my life where I somewhat stand still, and those—like the present—where I take on a bit too much!

Yes. It is true that curiosity is real flesh of life, multidimensionaly so.

🙏 തീർച്ചയായും ബഹുമുഖമാണ് 🙏

Athe! :)


Experimental, and great! ;-) Thanks for sharing!
Love the photography too btw, well chosen! Will visit his blog too...

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah, please do, there are some interesting pieces there!

Yes, absolutely interesting work there! Following you too for your interesting work btw ;-)

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🙏 Your support means a lot!

Appreciated, you’re welcome! 🙏🏻

I do love this style @d-pend,

Yes... I see the mystery of the ages and I won't explain for it is the magical mystery of love that covers all. I'm so happy to hear this from you and I appreciate your use of space (smashed words), punctuation (apostrophes) and........

Just one question...

Was it any person or event that pulled you out?

Hey @mineopoly! There was a huge synchronicity learning more about @bacus15 yesterday, you can read the thread on "Paintbrush Soul." Also an open letter that I wrote to @chbartist on his post, studying spanish, writing a lesson plan for my EFL exam... I'm not sure! I just had this feeling that everything in life was constant rabbitholes and you can just keep going in any direction infinitely..!

I'm beginning to see. That's why it was so hard to find out which end was up in your poem. After so many years I am just now beginning to like what I do and see the significance of EFL. You would have thunk I would have gave up ten years ago but I'm still here. The most difficult part was not the philosophy or the students but working with other teachers. Sometimes I still don't know where they are coming from and probably it is better for me not to know. Thanks for sharing. I will be around back later.

Hm, that's really interesting. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit apprehensive about a lot of the things being an EFL teacher entails. But, like I told my nana (I don't usually swear in front of her 😅) I felt like I needed life to give me a "kick in the ass!" as a catalyst for growth. So, I'm going out of my comfort zone to try something new that will require a lot of personal sacrifices.

here if I can tell you that you put "F" in my comment at this time I'm looking for the roof of my house asking me what did you mean @d-pend with all these verses.

Where is @hlezama that he has an answer for everything?

Hahaha, maybe he will suddenly jump down from the roof and answer all your questions with a crystal ball...

I think jumping from the ceiling is not a good idea maybe the crystal ball if hahaha at this moment my IQ is too low to understand the poem so in this poetry I'm failing teacher

Lol! If the poem made your brain feel liked melted wax then I did my job.

(Sin embargo es cera derretida del cerebro de color arco iris xD Así que todavía contemplamos un brillo críptico como un charco de aceite.)

if you did a good job, friend, you put our neurons to work 100% to the point that @whack.science had to search for a dictionary to assimilate, process, recompress and analyze all the information .. hahaha
I say everything in the form of a game.

If life is not meant to be played, what else? 😄

Hahaha. @joelgonz1982, i am struggling with tech in a demolished country. No electricity since last night, woke up without water, someone stole the connection from street (they are stealing any piece of metal they can sell.
So my laptop ran out of battery, so did my phone. Borrowed one to take a peek around. Very stressful life we are living here.
I'll try to work on the poem later. My crystal ball may get broken in the process :)

hahaha I imagine that he lives in venezuelandia where anything can happen ..

You guessed right. A new definition of Venezuela should go like this: a puzzle harder to understand than any of @d-pend's experimental poetry.

Yo soy de venezuela por eso se me fue facil adivinar donde vives yo estoy pasando por la misma situacion con el internet, se robaron los cable y trato de hacer todos mi movimiento en steemit por medio de mi telefono no es facil trabajar con el telefono ya como tu sabes los servicio movil son de baja calidad pero somos venezolano y hay que trabajar con lo que podamos.

Así es, hermano. Mi creatividad está llegando al límite. Camine casi una hora para llegar a un apto de una tía sólo para usar su internet, aunque por los vientos que soplan me quedaré a dormir, conato de lluvia y corpoelec no ha repuesto el servicio eléctrico.
Seguiremos haciendo milagros. Ojala el proceso de canonización sea más expedito que el de José Gregorio.

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Two-way street:
Soap money
At the grocery

I have never understand your poetries, they look crazy 😂, anyway, dis you make an account on weku? Because there's bunch of users using your name to get attention there!!

Lol, you came in on a confusing one. Check out some of the others from this week if you want easier ones to understand :-)

Yep, @dpend is my account over there, somebody stole the name @d-pend. Not sure how much I'll use it but probably will cross-post a bit just for fun.

Well, after this confirmation, i can say just keep posting there from time to time and refer your followers since you have a large audience, they re giving a referral bonus. And whos know!! That weku project could succeed!! And yeah if it did that will be awesome. keep posting and I'll keep upvoting!

Thanks for the support "on the other side" @soufiani! I still haven't decided if I will promote it to my followers here. I want to gain more knowledge to know if I really support the project.

There's already a lot of red flags for me like people joining a month before WeKu opened to steal huge amounts from the rewards pool, I'm talking about MILLIONS of WeKu Power:

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 8.01.29 AM.png

Why should I write poems for 10 WeKu when these people got 800,000 WP for posting a picture of some socks? Seems like the beginning of Steemit all over again. Same problems, same whales materializing money out of thin air.

Indeed! When i just joined there was only 32member and they were upvoting each other for just (.) Or 😊 or nonsense phrase. And i was watching thousands of weku get claimed a day, after that people started to join and everything get changed since then, after they fixed several problems and bugs i start thinking that this might be good deal for me!

Wow, that's crazy! Well, good for you, and thanks a lot for your support over there! :-D

Welcome buddy, it's a good thing to support people that provide good content, quality content! So high five XD

Chucklesat creative while sober.

way over my head.

Beautiful poetry Sir.. I wish I try to write like you. Got inspiration, try next.

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Yes, please give it a try sometime :-D

Sure I'll but you're best. 👏

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😌 Thank you for the support 😄

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woohoo! Road to top 1000 ;-) This has been the best initiative ever for motivation to increase engagement :-D

Thanks @steem-ua~!

Extraordinary work , never saw like this before

Thanks, glad you liked it :-)

Thank You @d-pend!
No i'm not asking you are on drugs

LOL!! 😂😂😂

Indeed unique exploratory and expanding the mind thank you for sharing

You're welcome @enjoywithtroy, thanks for attending my virtual gallery * bows *

Slap through internet ,amazing words

Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID! 😂

Mindblowing @d-pend sir, your poetry is too good.

Thanks for the compliment @vikas07338

Dear @d-pend sir!
I checked your https://www.deviantart.com/cezarmart/gallery/ .I found a large numbers of curation of beautiful arts ..such a splendid craft I can't imagine..
It's your labour and devotion who gave such shape to these galleries..
Thanks alot sir ji..

Oh, you liked Cezar's gallery? Nice! I just found his work the other day when making that poem. There's so many excellent artists on DA if you sift through the.... ahem not-so-excellent ones xD

Thanks sir ji.
Only. You are excellent for me.

🙏 Thank you too, for your kindness 🙏

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Great stuff @d-pend Thanks for the awesome photos. Gives me something to look at while I get through your poem. I like it but it takes me a bit to get through. Damn short attention span bred by typical social media posts.

Hahaha, no worries if the poem is too strange, I'll always try to find some artistic images. There's really some amazing creators on Deviant Art if you sift through the mass of images :-D

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