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We think we see
Yet we see what we think
What it is, and what it is not?
Light exists only in the dark,
Truth exists because of lies.

What would be good,
If it weren't for the bad,
Who is happy without being sad,
What is sane without being mad?

The present is a gift,
We're calling it time.
If there is a future,
It's now, and it's fine.

I'm not stupid,
But I just can't judge,
We're all so different,
Yet we can't see that's right.

Words have meaning
If you know to read,
Words become feelings
When you're open and free
Words are true 
When we choose to believe

We think we do,
But we don't have the choice
We're forever conditioned 
By the moment we're born.

Freedom exists,
Yet I don't choose what I ain't
Freedom couldn't be
If it wasn't for constraint.

See the big picture,
It contains a thousand words,
All of them are true,
And all of them are false.

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[BONUS: Here's a song about anything you want it to be]

*** I took the cover picture in TATE Modern in London when I visited last year.


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Great poem, it definitely can make one think on many things.

Chief Steemitneer


Thank you @redsfallin :) enjoy the meditation :D

Love this! Morcheeba song goes very well with this :)

Good job @demostene

It is beautiful to share your poem.. I enjoyed it.

Thank you @rebeccabe! Happy you enjoyed it :D

@demostene showing the luv.. followed, resteemed, replied, facebooked and even gave ya some tweet time... Keep up the good stuff.

Oh... and I forgot about LinkedIn too :0)

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I enjoyed this a lot my friend, this could be made into a song...

Thank you! Glad you liked it! Haha, I thought of that too, but I've never wrote lyrics and chords at the same time for a song. Good idea, though! Maybe I'll try :)

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keep on making art, greetings @demostene

Thank you @demostene for this beautiful post and your picture are impressive.

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You made me come and see the second one too ;-)

Life is not always what we see, it is what we do.
If we postpone and not acting now that moments are gone.

And we deceive ourselves that we'll do it at some point but as most things... we will not.

Reflecting and meditation or what other people calls it, it can help us to find our way in this life. But for some, it can come from things that we read and hear from others.

I lived to see others happy and make them good.

So, being here make me smile from time to time... thanks for that.



Thank you @ilvstranger and sorry for the late reply. Just noticed your comment. You are right. Everybody is right. In my opinion everybody is right at all times, because that opinion is based on our unique set of eyes and it is conditioned at the same time by the point of observation. At the same time, everything there is and is happening is just a chain of events that we observe and choose to put meaning in it.

Is that picture taken in an art gallery? That people in the reflection seems to look at something at the walls that look like paintings? Or is just my imagination?

I have so many strange and abstract pictures like that in my waiting to process folder. I love to take this kind of photos at any event or moment where i'm present.

Usually the clients or just friends look strange at this kind of photos but they keep them and some are even presenting them. Because they were some unseen part from that moment. ;-)

Yes, @ilvstranger the picture is from Tate Modern in London from October last year. Sadly I can't remember the artist name, but the work had something to do with the planes of reality.


Well, nice if you travel too. More moments with diversified people around. You can escape from the same ol' people here ;-)

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