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in #poetry3 years ago
  • Write a masterpiece in the form of graphite, paint a beautiful face of happiness on the altar of young leaders. The success is the colony of thought with the action of perfect performance, listen to the advice of wise experience with the feeling of winning projects.

  • The new anarchy comes through the code of programming imagery, we release the man and his mission through the perfect possibility of friendly bridges. Life is a perfect experience where we find our essence, launch a mission of the spirit on the island of knowledge.

  • The meaning of life is the pure energy of love game, we pass through the reforms of emotional maturation while looking for the right ways. From cosmos, messages with lasting effects are self-aware, show the right size in places where courage is needed.

  • I met mystical love on the path of my experience, I saw beauty in the celestial eyes that gave me the new wisdom of pure energy. Open the magical gates of consciousness with artistic intuition, make a passage through true thoughts and a pure heart because the changes are coming.