hey it is all okay

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can’t get up, can’t lie down
face screwed up into a frown
another sleepless night, pointless day
but hey, all’s okay, so they say
fat cells turned to stem
will pave the way

we will all be young again
never die, maybe visit Spain
forever living, forever frowning
forever drowning in debt
to those that call the shots
mostly bots

bots as cashiers, as sex toys
as CEOs, as playboys
as mothers, as pets
as vets

not plastic, made from hemp
revived again, by rain
alive forever to shop
what can’t be bought
love and all that rot

when nothing is left but bots
with fake smiles
sucking fat cells from corpses
not saved by facebook styles
or bot horses

but hey, it is all okay


great poetry post. wonderful writing and nice article. thanks for @elewarne

Another beautiful poem you have written from the heart this is a special one

Thank you sir @elewarne We always enjoy the artistic palette and now these poetic verses are very good as we always used to your posts

Thanks @elewarne
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wonderful, i like this one..

Muy bien amiga que hermoso poema ha sacado de su manga, talentosa con el pincel, lapiz y papel todos seremos jovenes de nuevo como Seos, Playboys, Cajeros , Animales o Veterinarios

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Yeah! it's all okay! but your poem has very deep thoughts and a bit interesting.
Enjoyed reading theM! :P

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it's wonderful man... from your poetry people can be confident about their life.☺

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Very interesting poerty, you have nice thoughts. 🙂
Have a good day!

Well, alrighty then!

Is it your own poem @elewarne? if yes then i didn't see your this shade before it is immensely deep👍👌👏... it is all okay

Another beautiful poem you have written from the heart this is a special one