Tightrope (An Original Poem)

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These lines
on my face
now reveal
the many lives
I’ve lived,

Countless missteps
have afforded me
the freedom to
know them for
what they are...
and all they aren't.

flailing attempts
to reach
the other side
are far better than
wishes held in boxes,
tucked high upon
some dusty shelf.

So, I’ll keep
walking this
tightrope of
fickle modernity,
whilst whistling
my song,
and hoping
for many
more of
the sort
of lessons
that only
living can teach.

Eric Vance Walton

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Gorgeous poem @ericvancewalton, that's the best way to really live life, those wishes must never ever gather dust!

Thank you! Yes, it's not always easy to accomplish but it's a great way to live.

Hi @ericvancewalton! I appreciate what you write on this blog so I added you to the list of people I support via steemdunk.xyz.

Thank you!

Great poem of very certain words. Congratulations!

Wow! Gorgeous! That opening was stellar and the finish brought it home! So glad to see you here, I checked in the last couple days and was beginning to worry :)

Thanks, @dreemit! I've just taken a few days off from content creation, I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. : ) Hope you and the family are well!

Very Concerned About The Flawlessness of The Poetry!

Much Concerned About The Messages Passed In Few Lines But Timeless As It Is Lifetime!!

Thanks @ericvancewalton; Courtesy Of This; I am Starting All Over What Was Almost Forgotten.

Thanks so much for reading!

Lovely, and in step (pun intended, like the gif)

It is true the lines on our face we need to embrace also being here is a lesson for us.

Enjoyed the simplicity and flow.

Speaking of lines on the face: We saw something on Netflix and Ann Margaret was on there. She had no lines. It looks so unnatural and you know she had the best doctors work on her.

Life is to be expressed in lines on and off the face.

Haha I could not resist that line. Oppphs did it again.

Thanks! : ) It's so sad that people feel they so desperately need to hold onto their youth. I agree, you can usually spot someone who has had excessive cosmetic surgery a mile away. I think it becomes an addiction for some.

Yes, they think it is what is expected of them and their lively hood at sake not to mention the need to be adored at stake. I think eventually as they age they will be replaced by animated alterations of them on film.

Excellent poem you have written thanks for sharing this one :)


That one word right there and I knew I'd love this. And no wonder, I did. You're such a good writer, Eric, I always love reading your stuff, particularly your poems. They're very true to the core (because, you know, some people try too hard, but you don't, you just speak to me as I read and I love that).

Like reaching out to another flawed human and saying 'take my hand, we'll be alright, we can make it'. Very beautiful. <3

Thank you so much, @honeydue. The longer I do this, the more I write for myself instead of the reader and the less I second guess the words. So glad you enjoyed this one! Are you recovered from the SteemFest blues?

the more I write for myself instead of the reader

That is so so important!! Whenever I hear this "writing for the reader" thing, I just blank... and whenever I've tried to write something for someone else's enjoyment rather than my own, I've felt like crap and failed miserably. So keep doing you, as they say ;) I like what you write for you! And a lot of other people seem to, so there must be something good there, huh?

Yes, I am, although I do get all weepy when I see pictures from SF, remembering all the fun moments. But I've recovered from that feeling of 'what am I going to do with myself' and I'm at a stage where I'm able to process all the different people I've met and the influences they had on me, which is awesome. I'm focusing on a lot of events and places here, too, so that also helps :)

I appreciate it! I "wrote for the reader" for my first fifteen years or so but writing for yourself is really how you develop your own style/voice and find "your tribe."

It's really tough. I get the same melancholy feeling whenever I look at past SteemFest photos on my camera roll. They spark so many good/funny memories. You're smart to focus on the present because the best is yet to come.

I see @roelandp is already researching the location for SF4! I hope it's in Asia next year. : )

There's too many good things around not to notice them ;) And if there are more good ones to come (hopefully with SF4) that's great, I look forward to that too! :)

Asia? Wow, that's an interesting choice...I hope it's somewhere interesting (and moderately cheap) :D

writing for yourself is really how you develop your own style/voice and find "your tribe."

Exactly. I've been on this discovery roll, writing whatever goes through my head, whatever interests me. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's taking something out, that's for sure.

There are some amazing things on the horizon, hopefully a bull market soon! : ) It's good to write about a variety of things and not limit yourself creatively. If it feels right keep it up!

God, I hope so! We could all do with some amazing right about now ;)

eloquent and as always, your words also speak my truth

Thank you, my friend! I hope you had a good Monday!

Certain words that keep a beautiful and real life lesson, @ericvancewalton. No matter how difficult the road, no matter how afraid it is to cross its lines, it is necessary to follow. Put your fear in your pocket and face what's to come. That's better than having to live with the doubt of what I could have done and been but it wasn't because we didn't dare. The biggest battle sometimes is with our own fear! If we beat him, we can accomplish almost anything. I embrace you

So, I’ll keep walking this tightrope of fickle modernity, whilst whistling my song
like your poem, specially these lines .

The initial line of the last paragraph of the poem is presenting a good view. A man is walking with whistling and singing a song .

Last stanza is showed the truth about every person . Here everyone is living in hope .
Enjoyed your poem

I like it. I don't identify with fickle modernity so I didn't capture the imagery in the last part.

love poetry a lot. I do not know how to recite poetry but I like to hear it.

Yes its an original poem

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