poetry should i wait?

in #poetry4 years ago

Is that a bad description of the act of waiting?

Such feelings feel strong,
When the uncertainty is great.
So what?
Stop it?

It certainly is not as easy as dreaming.
There is a heavy feeling, of things that have long been cultivated.
There is a feeling of affection, of what is so coveted.
There was a feeling of regret, if it had to end without a hand.

Then, how?
Should it still hang?
Like clothes in the rainy season?
Like the plants in the dry season?
Ask heart!

Ready for pain and consequences?
Is it strong to stop and end?
Or, still want to stay for a while longer?
If waiting is happiness, do it!
If the wait is a wound, stop it!
And if waiting is uncertainty, ask for assertiveness!
Because every soul has a happy destiny.
The pain is the rhythm.


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